Source: The earthquake, magnitude 6.4, which struck on December 29th, near the cities of Petrinja and Sisak was the largest to occur in Croatia since the advent of modern seismic instruments. The ground shaking reached values of almost 8 on the Mercalli Scale, resulting in serious damage to ordinary built structures and deep ground breaking. The affected region is one of the poorest parts of Croatia, which still did not recover completely from the wounds of homeland war. Due to the severe strength of the quake and vulnerability of the area, thousands of people lost their homes, many were injured and seven were killed. We are grateful to all the governments, organizations and individuals from all over the world who already helped or intend to help the earthquake victims. We are organizing this tournament to help bridge players from Petrinja and Sisak whose homes were damaged or destroyed during the quake. If you wish to help, you can make your donation directly to the personal account of one of the players, and the money will be distributed among them.Thank you so much for your help! Saturday, January 9th at 6 p.m. (CET) at
  • Please create profile at
  • Name, valid e-mail and national or WBF number is required in the profile.
  • As soon as both you and your partner create profiles you can register. (Tournament name: Petrinja Relief)
  • For any help regarding registration please contact Tihana Brkljacic at Facebook or comment on this post.
  • We will play 13 rounds of 2 boards (12 minutes per round).
  • Please log in to at least 10 minutes before the start.
  • Tournament is limited to 200 pairs.
  • There is no entry fee. If you wish to donate to the players whose homes were ruined during the earthquake please make donations at:
Bank transfer: Zlatko Unetić Erste bank Description: Quake HR1824020063207452920 BIC ESBCHR22 PayPal: Zlatko Unetić Description: Quake

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