Source: NTVspor The Ministry of Youth and Sports took an important step with the expected sportsmen’s scholarship for many years and signed a historical agreement with 28 foundation universities. National athletes who have achieved success at the international level will now study with full scholarship at foundation universities.
Now for successful young people “sports or school” dilemma will not remain … Ministry of Youth and Sports, athletes scholarship by taking an important step in 28 foundation universities signed the agreement. National athletes who have achieved international success will now be able to study with full scholarship at foundation universities. A protocol agreement was signed between the 28 foundation universities and the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the full scholarship of national athletes at foundation universities in Ankara. Memorandum of Understanding athletes who represented Turkey in international competitions under-winning success, regardless of their place in the rankings foundation of all branches of the university exam, will be able to see education as a full scholarship. In order to benefit from this right, in the higher education exam, it is enough for the university to obtain the required base score.
100% SCHOLARSHIPS Speaking at the signing ceremony of the text of the reconciliation of Youth and Sports Minister. Mehmet Kasapoğlu, pre-university age families and athletes lived ‘School or sports?’ He said that they were very happy to make this historic agreement that would put an end to his hesitation. Kasapoğlu, said: Today is a historical day in terms of Turkish sports. With this cooperation, national athletes will have the opportunity to study free of charge at foundation universities. Regardless of which department, one hundred percent will have access to scholarship. The main reason is academic preference. We will minimize this loss. We will expand the opportunities provided if our national athletes prefer only the faculties of sports sciences. Step by step. We are also trying to provide opportunities for successful athletes to receive scholarship in private secondary schools. In this way, low-income families will encourage their children who have the potential to succeed in sports instead of keeping them away from this area. ” SPORTS DENTAL MAY BE DENTAL National athlete foundation university, even if the last place to read for free. While it is necessary to take place in the first 20.000 for the education of medicine in state universities, to be in the top 50.000 in foundation universities; 80,000 instead of the first 30,000 for dentistry, the first 60,000 instead of the first 60,000 for law school will be enough. Our national sportswoman’s future anxiety will disappear. For example, a national taekwondo athlete will be a dentist when he quits the sport. During camp and competition periods, the university administration will offer the national athlete a flexible curriculum. Full support for Universities Sports League Minister Kasapoğlu, gave a good news of a series of new applications. Arrangements are being made for the development of sportive activities at the university level, which are in the leading countries in sport. All the facilities of the ministry will be mobilized for universities sports league. KOÇ UNIVERSITY HAVE ALSO Here are the universities that have signed the protocol: Acıbadem University, Altınbaş University, Atılım University, Aydın University, Bahçeşehir University, Beykent University, Bezmialem Foundation University, Biruni University, Çankaya University, Esenyurt University, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, Fenerbahçe University, Gedik University, Gelişim University, Kadir Has University, Koç University, Kültür University, Lokman Hekim University, Maltepe University, Medipol University, Okan University, Sabahattin Zaim University, Sabancı University, Ted University, Commerce University, Tobb Economy and Technology University, Turkish Aeronautical Association University, Ufuk University.

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