Source: Bocchi & Madala Big Bang Bridge I was 20 years old when was hired by Lavazza to play with the mythical Arturo Franco at that time considered among the best players in the world. Our first tournament was in Venice (luckily we won), after a few rounds played with him, Santhia our captain said that I could play in the openl room with the public to get used to the pressures. That meant playing in the open-world, at that time Lavazza had at least 100 people kibitzing.  I must tell you that I distribute the cards in a very scenic way and Arturo had noticed that, in previous meetings: Well, I distribute my first hand and the people very curious remained with their mouth open. So Arturo intervenes here,  he gets up from his chair and goes to all the spectators and he said:
Now I’m not afraid of anything- . Always with Arturo and always with 100 kibitzers, the same year we played the Campari Tournament. I had the system metabolized to 99% so the fear of missing some sequence had disappeared, at some point, the Blue Team Club sequence was: 2club suit-2Diamond Suit-2Heart Suit– 2Spade Suit-2NT, given the strangeness of the sequence I remember perfectly that it meant Forcing Game with a halt (I had invented him), he said 3NT and we went one down. What was 2NT? Franco asked me in a firm voice, so I answered, he does not say a word, I continue telling him that I had the system printed (I always took it for these occasions) and I showed it to him, he’s a look and after 10 seconds of reflection (now he was in a corner and I enjoyed seeing how he was going to come out) he told me: It’s a PRESS ERROR …….. , Great Arturo, all this in front of the 100 amazed people
Norberto Bocchi world Champion