Bridge was recently recognized by FISU as a sport. FISU is the International University Sport Federation. FISU covers the whole planet and is organizing Summer and Winter Universiades. These competitions can be compared with Olympic Games but then for students and of course on a smaller scale. But, the summer Universiades have about 8000 participants!! FISU organises every year about 25 World Championschips in different sports! You can find anything else about fisu on Of course, the Bridge World is very proud to join other sports like footbal, yudo, basketball, … in the FISU! In FISU, Geert Magerman is the Technical Director for Bridge. You can join him at To establish a good relationship with the National University Federation, it might be an opportunity for the National Bridge Federation to organize a National University Bridge Championship together with the National University Federation. The organization of National University Bridge Championship can be a condition for National University Federations to participate in International University Championships. If you want to know the coordinates of your National University Federation, please contact Geert Magerman. Don’t forget to follow us @