The USBF Board of Directors has approved the following teams who will represent USBF at the 2018 World Junior Championships in China this August: For the Patiño Cup (Players Under Age 26):
Ben Kristensen, Adam Kaplan, Zack Grossack, Christian Jolly, Kevin Rosenberg, Oren Kriegel, photo by Bo Xiao
Zach Grossack-Oren Kriegel Christian Jolly-Adam Kaplan Ben Kristensen-Kevin Rosenberg NPC Michael Rosenberg
Burke Snowden, Sam Amer, Greg Herman, Will Zhu, Arjun Dhir, photo by Sylvia Shi
Sam Amer-Yichen Yin Arjun Dhir-Will Zhu Greg Herman-Burke Snowden NPC David Caprera For the Damiani Cup (Players Under Age 21)
Sarah Youngquist, Kevin Huang, Richard Jeng, Brent Xiao, Cornelius Duffie, photo by Sylvia Shi
Cornelius Duffie-Stella Wan Kevin Huang-Brent Xiao Richard Jeng-Sarah Youngquist NPC Sylvia Shi For the Rona Cup (Women Under Age 26)
Sophia Chang, Lucy Zhang, Isha Thapa, Amber Lin, photo by Sylvia Shi
Sophia Chang-Lucy Zhang Emma Kolesnik-Lingyi Ma Amber Lin-Isha Thapa NPC Kent Mignocchi For the Koç University Cup (Players Under Age 16)
Harrison Luba, Rory Xiao, Michael Hu, Arthur Zhou, Jonathan Yue, photo by Bo Xiao
Harrison Luba-Michael Xu Michael Hu-Arthur Zhu Rory Xiao-Jonathan Yue NPC Jim Munday