Luc Bellicaud
Hi, this is Luc Bellicaud! I’m a French junior, representing my country at the World Youth Bridge Teams Championships, which just started in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. In these daily articles, I will drive you through the U31 championship, with some insights and some interesting boards. For the running score in the U31 series, click HERE. For all results in the World Youth Teams Championship, click HERE. Day 5 Today was the last day of the Round Robin (all-play-all), with only three matches left to play. We had a good lead before it, but we could still throw it away as we were facing some direct opponents for the qualification. We started against Bulgaria, just next to us in the ranking. After an even fight, we won 14 IMPs on the last board when my teammate Colin Dehegeer preempted spades with 6♣, facing a 3NT gambling with ♠J ♥AKQT2 ♦QJ876 ♣76. He was happily surprised to make the contract when his partner actually held a diamond void!
BBO Nick: wombation
Colin Dehegeer
  As his teammates brought 5♠X-1, it was almost a 4VPs decision (we won 13.72 VPs from the match). We continued with a match against our neighbors, Belgium. Their best pair was on the bench, and we had a convincing 17.5 VPs win. At this point, we had almost secured the 5th place, and we could not reach the 4th position, which was more than 20 VPs ahead. Our last match against Croatia was for peanuts, but we still scored 14 Vps. At the same time, Scotland entered for the first time in the top 8 and squeezed Taiwan and the Netherlands on the gong! To continue reading click here

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