Luc Bellicaud
Hi, this is Luc Bellicaud! I’m a French junior, representing my country at the World Youth Bridge Teams Championships, which just started in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. In these daily articles, I will drive you through the U31 championship, with some insights and some interesting boards. For the running score in the U31 series, click HERE. For all results in the World Youth Teams Championship, click HERE. Day 4 Today was our easiest day on paper: we played some average and some low-ranked teams. Sadly, our opponents played quite decently and it didn’t go very well. We started with a small loss against Turkey (8.5 VPs), where both teams didn’t play well. Then we played two very inspired teams: first Hong Kong, against which we scored 6 VPs and then Singapore, who took all the right decisions to let us only get 6 Imps and 3.5 VPs. Fortunately, we finished with a huge victory against Slovenia (18.5 VPs), with some solid play. An average of 9 VPs for the day, which was not very satisfying. With three matches to go, we still have a 15VPs lead to the team placing 9th: it would now be very disappointing if we don’t make it to the quarter-final. To continue reading click here Don’t forget to follow us @