43rd World Bridge Teams Championships

Lyon, France • 12 – 26 August 2017

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August 15th Lyon, as Paris, has his own world underground. Like the catacombs in Paris, you can enter, through the sewers, multiple galleries/tunnels under the hill of Fourviere dating back from the Roman empire. This includes the remains of a Roman aqueduct. The rumor tells that, under this hill, there is an underground lake too. The goal of those underground addicts is, each week end, to find new paths that will lead to it. Other stories tells the existence of an underground path between the two hills of fourviere and La Croix-Rousse. We haven’t found the entrance yet… (Source: Quora, Nicolas Fleury, Lyon, France).
Lyon 2017 The view on Lyon from Fourviere
8th Round of the WBTC 2017 Board 17 This board wasn’t played underground, but in many tables was an underbid board. This was what happened with the board in the Germany-USA1 match. The bidding (closed room):
Pass Pass 1Heart Suit
Double 2Heart Suit 3club suit 3Diamond Suit
4Spade Suit All Pass
Lead: Heart Suit2 Declarer won the first trick with dummy’s Heart SuitA, cashed the club suitA pitching a diamond from his hand, continued with a diamond to his ace, and another diamond. South won the trick and returned a trump. But now declarer could win the trick and trump a diamond for 12 tricks, +480. The bidding (open room):
Pass Pass 1Heart Suit
4Spade Suit All Pass
Lead: Heart Suit2 The play and the defense were exactly the same. The match ended  USA1 41 – Germany 1 (IMPs) This is what happened with the Board in all the tables: