43rd World Bridge Teams Championships

Lyon, France • 12 – 26 August 2017

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August 15th Juiverie street. The Middle-Ages. (Source: thisislyon.fr) The Jewish community was settled in this Lyon’s neighbourhood, using the numerous traboules to protect themselves from persecution.
Finally the “stone from Middle-East” faded from memory… until a new legend arose.
The most important families lived on rue Juiverie. Rumours started to spread about a mysterious and priceless diamond acquired from the Middle-East. Jews could have hidden it somewhere in there to avoid being robbed of their fortune. The Court took an interest in this diamond and nobles such as Catherine de Médicis started to investigate.
Rue Juiverie near Saint-Paul in the Vieux-Lyon
Rue Juiverie near Saint-Paul in the Vieux-Lyon
23 rue Juiverie. Maison Lantillon. 1617. Eleven lions’ heads sculpted on the frontage, each one slightly different from the other. According to a legend, a fabulous gemstone would have been hidden behind one of those heads. The secret to finding it lies in one of those tiny differences between the heads. 7th Round of the WBTC 2017 Board 1 The diamond void in South’s hand assured that the famous diamond wasnt right there. This is what happened with this board in the match Sweden – Bulgaria. The bidding (close room):
V.Mihov J. Sylvan G. Karakolev F. Wrang
1NT 1 Pass 2club suit
2Spade Suit 3Diamond Suit Pass 3Heart Suit
Pass 3Spade Suit Pass 3NT
All Pass
1 Weak Lead: Spade Suit6 Declarer played a small spade from dummy and the Spade SuitK won the trick, Spade Suit4 West’s return was covered by theSpade SuitQ, East plaed a club. Sylvan continued with a heart to the queen and West’s king and back came another spade. Now the spade jack won the trick, and declarer cashed four rounds of hearts and the Spade SuitA before playing a club to claim 10 tricks for +430. The bidding (open room):
O. Rimsted Stefanov M. Rimsted Nanev
1NT 1 Pass 2club suit
Pass 2Diamond Suit Pass 3Diamond Suit2
Pass 3Heart Suit Pass 4Diamond Suit
Pass 4Heart Suit Pass 5Diamond Suit
Pass 5Heart Suit All Pass
  1. Weak
  2. Showing majors
Lead: club suitQ The lead beat the contract immediately. Declarer won the lead with dummy’s club suitK and continued with a small spade, West won the trick with his king to play another spade. M. Rimsted ruffed and returned another club. This time West ruffed and played a third spade, declarer claimed 4 down. And 12 IMPs for Sweden. This is what happened with the hand at each table:  The match ended Sweden 60 – Bulgaria 9 (IMPs).
Sweden Team