Source: The Times-News – 3 Sep 1980 Dealer North N/S Vul
10 5 A J 10 6 2 Q 9 3 A K 2
K 9 9 K 10 8 4 2 J 7 6 4 3 J 4 Q 7 5 4 3 A J 7 Q 9 5
A Q 8 7 6 3 2 K 8 6 5 10 8
West North East South
1 Pass 1
Pass 1NT Pass 4
Pass Pass Pass
Opening Lead:9 Some years ago a match-point duplicate player found himself in the company of a bunch of rubber bridge players on a cruise. A non-stop bridge game got under way almost as soon as the ship sailed. In the first rubber, our match-point player worked out a brilliant end play to score an overtrick One of the other players remarked, “We have no chnace against you, Joe. You’ll win a thousand points from us in overtricks.” Things didn’t work out quite that way. Our duplicate player lost game after game trying for those overtricks. Here is an example of operation overtrick at its worst. Dummy’s 10 of hearts was allowed to hold the first trick. Our hero saw a chance to make six or maybe seven and finessed his queen of spades at trick two. West took his king and led the four of diamonds. East took his jack and ace and led a second heart. West ruffed and instead of two 30 point overtricks, game and rubber had blown out the port hole. A rubber bridge player would cash the ace of spades at trick two, go to dummy with a club and lead a second trump. West would get his king, but the contract would be safe.