5th FunBridge World Youth Open Championships

Lyon, France • 15 – 24 August 2017

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The 5th FunBridge World Youth Championship, here in Lyon, France, is on its way, and the players are playing the last stages of the pairs events. Real Live Escape Game is the latest trend of real-life social involvement game where all becomes reality. A team of players is physically trapped in a room for an hour, and they need to escape by exploiting their surroundings. The concept originates from “Online Escape Games – Point ‘n’ Click”. But instead of pointing your mouse and clicking on the screen, you will need to use your senses and interact with the environment. Japanese had the idea to transpose into a real experience… So, born and deployed in Asia, the concept gradually moved along Europe and France, where its number of followers has not ceased to increase. Today, Lyon, second city of France, deemed to be “a mysterious place that cultivates its riddles”… has adopted the phenomenon, offering you an amazing experience of “Live Escape Game” worthy successor to its Asian creators. Where the majority of the “Live Escape Game”, offers to escape out of a single piece and unlock several padlocks, OMESCAPE Lyon, offers a real adventure, through several puzzles, whose resolution will allow you to activate the mechanisms that will lead you towards the exit. Only one thing is immutable, Time, 60 minutes and not a second more…

Two Failed Escapes in the Junior Pairs Final

WYOC 2017: Pairs Final Round 2/3   The leaders Ekenberg- Dahlstroem from Sweden played these two boards against Velja-Weiss from Croatia. Board 7, Dealer South, All Vulnerable After two Pass, Ekenberg opened with 1club suit and Weiss doubled. South and West Pass. North redoubled asking for a better place to play, his partner started with 1Diamond Suitand Ekenberg chose to pass. GIB announced six down…But things weren’t so negative for declarer. Lead: Heart SuitJ West won the first trick and switched to the Spade Suit7, GIB changed 6 down to 4 down, (a club or a diamond return, would have result in 6 down), dummy’s Spade SuitJ won the trick.  Declarer continued cashing dummy’s two spades, and played the club suit3, Weiss played the club suit5 and declarer played low from dummy, Velja played he smallest club theclub suit2. Weiss continued with another club, and the club suitK covered declarer’s club suitQ, back came a diamond, and no more tricks for declarer, four down = 400. Next board, was another failed escape this time performed by the Croatians. Board 8   This time Velja opened 1NT (weak) and after two Pass, South reopened with a double. Again West and North passed and Weiss started with clubs as a possible safer place, and that was the final contract. This time GIB announced three down with any lead. But things went worst for declarer. Lead: Heart Suit7 The Heart Suit10 won the first trick when declarer played a small heart from dummy, and Ekenberg inserted the Heart Suit9. Weiss started playing a diamond to the Diamond SuitJ, North’s queen won the trick to continue with a spade to his partner’s queen. Dahlstroem tried to cash his spade ace, but declarer ruffed to play a heart. South chose to pitch a spade, and dummy’s ace won the trick, back came a spade ruffed by declarer, and another diamond. South played his Diamond SuitA, and after winning the trick, played another diamond ruffed by his partner. The defense continued with a heart ruff and another diamond ruff. And finally declarer finished his escape five down. Perhaps escapes will be a very good discussion topic for both partnerships. And why not practice a little before leaving Lyon in a visit to OMESCAPE Lyon. Standings at the end of Session 2 (Only one Session to THE END):