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Liam Milne
Liam Milne

The Australia-NZ Youth Test Match was won by Australia (Renee Cooper-Andrew Spooner, Jamie ThompsonDavid Gue, Alex Phillips-James Palmer). NZ took an early lead in the first set but Australia won the next three sets to win 107-79. NZ was represented by Andi BougheyMatt BrownJeremy Fraser-Hoskin – Jack James, and Ryan Song-Brad Johnston.

The Youth Teams Championship was a two-horse race race between the Australian SPOONER squad (Spooner-Cooper, Thompson-Gue) and the Kiwi SONG team (Ryan Song-Brad Johnston, Andi Boughey-Matt Brown). In the last three rounds, SPOONER barely dropped a VP and climbed into the lead to win the event.

The winners of the Teams will play a guest expert team in the Cliff Wake Challegne tonight (don’t try and correct the spelling), a highly prestigious four-board BAM playoff inaugurated by Gruffydd Ware.

The next three days will see the Australian Junior Team Selection Butler contested to determine the 2020 Junior team.

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