52nd Australian Youth Bridge Championships
Canberra, ACT, January 4th – 10th
Bulletin 4 Monday January 6th, 2020

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Australia Vs New Zealand Test Match

The Australia Versus New Zealand Test Match finished yesterday, with the Aussies victorious. There were quite a few swingy hands, with the last two boards of the match being +13 IMPs to Australia. Congratulations to Andrew Spooner & Renee Cooper, Jamie Thompson & David Gue, and Alex Phillips & James Palmer. The test match finished last night and Australia rallied to win 107 – 79 IMPs.  Congratulations to the Aussie Test match team.

Youth Teams Championships

The Australian Teams Championship event started today, with 10 teams competing. The current leaders are the Song Team on 86 VPs, ahead of Spooner (81 VPs) and Phillips (73 VPs). All day yesterday, 10 teams competed in the Youth Teams championship. We are just over the halfway point, with four more matches today. The New Zealand Song Team is currently leading with 86 VPs, five clear of the Spooner Team on 81 VPs.

Good luck to all.

After Dinner: 

Last night after dinner, quite a few players got together and all played a simultaneous Weekly Free tournament on Bridge Base Online. The Weekly Free resets every Friday, but you can play it and compare your scores with others. You play with a robot, against two robots, and your scores are compared to a list of set scores. You can find it in Solitaire, or Instant Tournaments, then Weekly Free. It’s not quite normal bridge, the robots do some silly bids and plays sometimes. Also, you always have the most points at the table, and you are the Declarer, even if partner should be Declarer. Pleasingly, lots of our players got some very high scores. Danni Fuller scored an epic 70% score, but it wasn’t enough to win, since Adelaide’s George Bartley scored 72.8%. There are a number of online resources available these days, and a great one is Twitch, a video streaming platform, used by all sorts of gamers around the world to broadcast. You can download the app and make an account (free) or watch from a browser.

Two of the top Bridge Streamers in the world are both Australians.

Check out twitch.tv/peterhollands to see him in action (also bridgevid.com). The other Bridge Streamer is twitch.tv/V8mama. She streams most days around 12:30 pm. On Mondays she plays the BBO Weekly Free online interacting with viewers. She also sponsored a prize for our Weekly Free comp.

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Congratulations on the pairs win !

There are lots of ways to make Youth Week fun for players. Here are some of the additional events and Games that are often featured at Youth Week.

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