Source: 52nd Australian Youth Bridge Championships 52nd Australian Youth Bridge ChampionshipsQ: How long have you been playing bridge? H: Um, trying to remember. The start of 2018, a friend I worked with ‘convinced me’ to play. Shout out to Megan O’Reilly. Q: What do you like most about bridge? H: I enjoy the social aspect, meeting new people, and I like a challenge. The mental challenge. I’m an accountant, I like sudoku, I like puzzles. Q: Have you ever attempted an escape room? H: No, I want to. We’ve got one in Perth now. I think I’d like it. Q: What do you do when your not playing bridge? H: Boring things, like going to the beach, shopping, catching up with friends. Q: Have you seen the massive trees in South-West Western Australia? H: Yeah, when I was young. Its really nice down there. I grew up around Esperance. Q: Did you have any good beer card stories? H: *shakes head* No. I don’t. I don’t think so. I’ve never won, I don’t play that much. Q: Do you have any skills that you think you are better than most people? H: I don’t think so. I can body skip, which I don’t think most people can do. I’d have to show you. *Hayley her hands in front of herself, then stepped through with both legs, and brought her arms around her back, over her head and back in front of herself. Slightly disturbing, but impressive* I think I saw it on a Guinness World Record show, and I tried it. Q: Where is the most interesting place that you have travelled to? H: I went to Vietnam a couple of years ago, with my mum, that was very interesting, we did an intrepid tour. We started in the less developed areas and worked our way up to the main cities. It weas really interesting to see the different way of life. They do everything from scratch like grinding foods. Q: Is there anything that you want to add? H: No. I feel a bit on the spot. Uhmm. There’s probably lots of little gold nuggets in my head. Ok, this one is serious to me, “Never skip a meal”. Breakfast lunch and Dinner, and snacks. Never miss a meal, or snack”… I’m not good when I’m Hangry. My day is better when I have breakfast. I have fruit and yoghurt or cereal. Q: Any good bridge hands from today? H: Yeah, we bid to 4Spade Suit and got Doubled, and so I ran to 5club suit and got Doubled again and we made it. Sam Coutts: I doubled 4Spade Suit, because I wanted them to run to 5club suit, and so I doubled that too. 5club suit X made 11, -550 and all the matchpoints to Hayley.

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