52nd Australian Youth Bridge Championships
Canberra, ACT, January 4th – 10th
Bulletin 3 Monday January 5th, 2020

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Winners: Australian Youth Pairs, 2020
Winners: Youth Pairs Consolation
Andi Boughey & Matty Brown
Darren Brake and Oliver McCarthy
The first events finished yesterday with newlyweds Andi Boughey & Matty Brown from New Zealand runaway winners from Australia’s Renee Cooper and Andrew Spooner. Andi and Matt led from the start, after winning the Qualifying, and never slowed down. Impressively, they also walked in circles in the breakout room every time they had a break between rounds to achieve their 10,000 steps per day! The Pairs Consolation finished yesterday as well, with Queensland’s Darren Brake & Oliver McCarthy winning. Australia’s Hamish Dodd and Denmark’s Sophie Bisholm came second.
On Sunday night after the Teams finished, there were two events held at the same time. There was the first half of the Australia Versus New Zealand Test match. New Zealand took a big lead in the first quarter of the match, with four double digit swings all going the Kiwi’s way. Australia rallied a few IMPs back in the second quarter and the scores are currently Australia 30 – New Zealand 51. The Test match finishes tonight after Dinner.
Australia v New Zealand – Test Match IMPs
AUSTRALIA – Andrew Spooner – Renee Cooper – Jamie Thompson – David Gue – Alex Phillips – James Palmer 30
NEW ZEALAND – Andi Boughey – Matthew Brown – Jeremy Fraser-Hoskin – Jack James – Ryan Song – Brad Johnston 51
  The other event last night was a Crazy Pairs. A regular pairs game, but with a rule modifying the bidding or play on each hand. There are some examples of the types of rules.Many very good players got stumped and were scratching their heads. Although the modified rules were very simple, applying them correctly wasn’t so easy. One huge score occurred when the Special Rule was: If you can play a card of the same rank as the previously played card you can SNAP as a Super Trump. A Subsequent SNAP beats the first. You can Revoke to SNAP! The defender’s managed to produce a ‘Cross-Snap’, and defeat 3Heart Suit XX (don’t ask!) by five tricks! -2800

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