Source: Two children of Bratya Bangla have won gold in the Asian Games. As the country’s top player in the country, the main contender of India’s name emerged in the top of Asia, Pranab Vardhan and Shibnath De Sarkar. Shibnath De Sarkar took over the responsibility of the National Senior Bridge of Bangladesh, taking the responsibility of Pranab Bardhan and the National Junior Group. Today, a formal announcement was made by the Bangladesh Bridge Federation President Mushfiqur Rahim Mohan. He officially announced some bridge training workshops organized at Bangladesh Engineering University (BUET) at Andromalhal. Bangladesh is ranked number 22 in the list of world’s bridges in the world. In July this year, the Chairman Cup, held in Sweden, which is one of the toughest competition in the world, and the Youth World Cup held in Croatia in August, the responsibility of the junior team of Bangladesh has been handed over to Pranab and Sivanath. Although the initial agreement is for the next year, the agreement will be extended later, on behalf of the Bangladesh Bridge Federation.

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