Source: Russia Juniors

2nd Central European Online Youth Championship – 2020

The online Central European Online championship has ended. The bronze medal in the overall standings was won by the Russia Mixed 26 team (Irina Yun – Vsevolod Zubov and Alena Kostina – Ilya Postovalov). Our juniors have confirmed that Russia is strong in mixed. And we congratulate them with delight! Two national teams U21 and U16 won the Finals B in their categories, and this is also an excellent achievement, because our whole team is under 21 to 16 years old, and the national team is up to 16 to 14, and for two girls this was the first tournament in their life. Here are our Russian Heroines: Kira Samokhina and Ilaria Piachitelli. Thank you, and it’s good that you are with us!

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