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September 20,  2019 USA 1 was leading the RR since Round 9 when the team clashed against England: The first board that generated a relatevily big swing was Board 7 Board 7 (RR, Round 16) After two pass, Weinstein decided to open with a weak 2Heart Suitbid. Forrester chose to penalize him and passed. His partner reopened with double and Forrester passed. Declarer payed 1100 =9 IMPs when at the other table although the bidding started exactly the same, Meckstroth chose to bid 3NT. Done, +3. +690. Board 10 (RR, Round 16)
Robson opened his hand with a 2Diamond Suit= Weak 2M (4-9) or 4441 16+. 2Spade Suitwas p/c, Robson mentioned his hearts, and Forrester closed the heart game. Declarer made 12 tricks. At the other table, Mecwell found their way to the slam after a 1club suit = 16+ art, F1, and a 1Spade Suit response showing 5 hearts. And 13 IMPs for USA1. Board 12 (RR, Round 16)

Bobby LEVIN, USA1 Open Team

Geplaatst door World Bridge Federation op Dinsdag 17 september 2019
In one of the tables both pairs were figthing the contract, and Forrester (ENG) bought the board at the third level. Too high declarer went 3 down. At the other table after a 2Diamond Suit weak opening bid, Allerton accepted his partner’s invitation to 3NT. After 4 hearts rounds…Declarer played the diamond finesse and claimed his contract. 9 IMPs for England. Don’t forget to follow us @