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Source: IBPA Column Service Jan 2018 Dealer South None Vul 9 6 3 2 A 8 6 A K 7 6 A 6 10 8 4 K J 10 5 4...

A Close Shave by Andrew Robson

Source: This deal is taken from Andrew Robson's Daily Bridge Column is available in animated form at the Times online's website. Produced by Conrad Brunner.

The “Rule of Sixteen” by Andrew Robson

Source: https://www.andrewrobson.co.uk Sometimes - often - you can gain more by penalising the opponents than by making your own contract. This is particularly true when an...

Consider How Things May Look to Partner by Andrew Robson

Source: https://www.andrewrobson.co.uk/ One the most inherently beautiful aspects of bridge is the partnership element. The true expert nurtures his partner; he anticipates any problems that his...

Principle of Restricted Choice by Andrew Robson

Source: http://www.andrewrobson.co.uk If one opponent plays a critical card in a suit, his partner is twice as likely to have the adjacent card in the same...

England vs Wales, Part II by Andrew Robson

Produced by Conrad Brunner @ConradBrunner

England vs Wales, Part I by Andrew Robson

Produced by Conrad Brunner @ConradBrunner

Don’t Gild The Lily by Andrew Robson

Andrew warns against the dangers of recklessly pursuing a game contract, particularly in duplicate pairs. Produced by Conrad Brunner @ConradBrunner

Camrose Best Played Hand by Andrew Robson

Top bridge tips from Andrew Robson. This is the Best Played Hand from Oxford Camrose, played by Derek Patterson of Kent and England. Produced...

Multi Coloured Two Diamonds

Produced by Conrad Brunner