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September 21,  2019 Bermuda Bowl: These are the RR standings with only two more rounds to play. USA 1 (296.94))is still leading the RR, but Sweden (296.28) is only some cents away, China os only 13 VP below (283.51), Norway (277.33), Netherlands (268.63), Poland (254.77), Israel (253.63) and England (253.42) completes the 8 precious tickets to the QF.  Just a breath away are Italy (251.19), New Zealand (243.20) and Australia (227.41). It seems that only the first 5 have 100% guaranteed classification, for the QF stage. Tomorrow all the teams will have to redouble their efforts and try to get their Holy Grail. In the last match of the day Israel met Poland. Poland started the match in the 7th position with 251.03 VP and Israel was figthing from his 9th position with 237.37 VP to enter to the select group of 8. At the end of 16 boards, Israel won by 41 IMPs to Poland 14 IMPs, but most important they finished the day in the 7th position. Poland finished in the 6th position. For Israel is playing a young couple: Dror Padon- Alon Birman. Both play together since they were juniors, winning Albania 2011, Veldhoven 2011. Second in Taicang 2012, third in Wroclaw 2013.
Wuhan 2019 Alon Birman
Wuhan 2019 Dror Padon
Poland vs Israel
Three 12 IMPs swings for Israel defined the match: Board 2 (RR, Round 21)
Levin opened with a 1club suit bid, and Buras competed with spades. Roll passed, East passed and Levin reopened with a double. After two pass, Narkiewickz (POL) asked for another strain with a redouble, Buras (POL) proposed hearts that Roll (ISR) doubled defining the final contract. With a defense without mistakes, the declarer could only make two tricks and was 6 down = -1400. At the other table although Padon (ISR) after a 1Diamond Suitopening bid also mentioned his spades, N/S chose to play 3NT. After receiving a small spade lead, declarer managed to make 11 tricks for 660 and 12 IMPs for Israel. Board 11 (RR, Round 21)
After a pass by dealer, Padon (ISR) opened with 1Spade Suit, Nowozadski (POL) showed clubs at the three level (weak), East started with 3Diamond Suit. And Kalita added pressure elevating the bidding to the fifth level. Padon passed, and after a while Birman chose to play the diamond slam. Only the heart ace lead prevents declarer to make 13 tricks, and that was Kalita’s lead. After a heart continuation declarer claimed 12 tricks. At the other table a bidding misunderstanding led the Poland pair to play a contract below game, and another 12 IMPs for Israel. Board 12 (RR, Round 21)
As we can see a diamond lead is required to defeat the contract, it generates three tricks plus two aces. Buras (POL) led a heart, and declarer made: Two spades, three hearts, three clubs, and the diamond ace. At the other table Padon (ISR) led a diamond. Nowozadski played low diamond twice and had to play the ace in the third diamond round. Declarer played a club to his king, ace. When declarer played spade, Padon was able to play his high diamond for one down and another 12 IMPs for Israel. Don’t forget to follow us @