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September 20,  2019 This is how the daily Bulletin described the situation: Competitors in the four main teams events have now finished 18 of 23 rounds of the qualifying round robin and can take a breath knowing only five rounds remain — three today and two on Sunday. In the Bermuda Bowl, USA 1 is in a comfortable position at the top of the bracket with 277.76 victory points. Sweden is in second place with 244.90. The Netherlands are third with 233.43. In the eighth and last qualifying spot is England with 217.36. In ninth and in danger of missing the cut is Israel. In the Venice Cup, China is leading with 241.17 VPs. Poland is close behind at 236.15. Neither is in danger of missing a qualifying spot at this point. USA 1 is in eighth. Two strong teams — Sweden and USA 2 — are just outside the top eight. India, in first place, looks good as a qualifier in the d’Orsi Seniors Trophy, as do Denmark and Chinese Taipei, second and third, respectively. Netherlands, in 9th place, is in danger of missing out on the quarter-finals. In the Mixed Teams, England leads the pack with 249.53 VPs, followed in second by USA 2 with 244.83. In the eighth and final qualifying spot are Sweden with 211.85, but USA 1, in ninth, is within shouting distance with 207.71 VPs. First 8 positions:
BB Rankings VC Rankings
# Team VPs # Team VPs
1   USA 1 277.67 1   CHINA 241.17
2   SWEDEN 244.90 2   POLAND 236.15
3   NETHERLANDS 233.43 3   ENGLAND 231.76
4   CHINA 229.74 4   NORWAY 225.88
5   POLAND 223.48 5   JAPAN 220.65
6   NORWAY 222.78 6   CANADA 218.55
7   ITALY 219.29 7   NETHERLANDS 215.93
8   ENGLAND 217.36 8   USA 1 215.52
DT Rankings MT Rankings
# Team VPs # Team VPs
1   INDIA 240.02 1   ENGLAND 249.53
2   DENMARK 224.90 2   USA 2 244.83
3   CH.TAIPEI 222.52 3   ROMANIA 233.78
4   ENGLAND 219.58 4   FRANCE 228.40
5   USA 2 215.98 5   CHINA 222.47
6   CHINA 214.55 6   RUSSIA 218.64
7   FRANCE 212.79 7   LATVIA 218.16
8   TURKEY 200.18 8   SWEDEN 211.85

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