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August 21, 2019 Today started the Pairs event: Running ScoresU26 Open – U21 – U26 Women – U16. The Qualification stage will be played during this Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22, at the  end of this second day will be defined the pairs who will qualify to play the final this Thursday. Without BBO vugraph we were able to find two young players who agreed to tell us some of the hands of Session 1, click here to read them.
21 August Pairs Match
Session 1: U26 Open – U21 – U26 Women – U16 Session 2: U26 Open – U21 – U26 Women – U16 Session 3: U26 Open – U21 – U26 Women – U16

Third Session and The Winners of the day:

Second Session Cumulative Winners: 

First Session Winners: 

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