Source: 16th August 2018 On Wednesday 15th of August, we had the pleasure to host the pupils and theirteacherscoming from the Ningbo Yucai Experimental Primary School of Wujiang and the Ninbo Zhenze Junior High School. The kids were very excited to watch with their eyes the Youth Stars, playing the Quarter-Finals and the B-A-M Tournament. A few hours later, we also had the visit of the Chinese delegation: Mr. Wei Chang Qiu, Vice-President of CCBA and President of Shanghai Bridge Association, Mr. Guo Qiang Zhang, Vice-President and General Secretary of Shanghai Bridge Association, Mr. Shi Zhen Liu, Vice-President of Shanghai Chess Institute and Cong Cong Guo, Vice-President of Shanghai Bridge Association who had the opportunity to see the WBF organisational machine at work. 17th WORLD YOUTH TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS: Results and Running Scores Team Rosters  Schedule Bulletins Don’t forget to follow us: