Source: Bert Toar Polii   10th April 2019 Indonesian U26 Girls Champion in Bangkok By: Bert Toar Polii The outstanding performance of the Indonesian U26 Girls team added to the tensions that hit Shanghai Chenyil players make that the Indonesian Girls team was able to win the Girls U26 Gold medal. The Girls U26 gold medal was won after they were able to defeat Shanghai Chenyil in the 3 final segments that took place today at Montien Hotel, Bangkok. Thanks to this success, Indonesia established itself as the winner of the Xiang Huaicheng Cup, a symbol of the supremacy of the U26 Girls category for the Asia Pacific region. The U26 Girls has only been competed since 2013 and China has won 3 times then Thailand once and now Indonesia. This success also dispelled China’s hopes of repeating its success in 2017, when at the same event they won all the gold medals competed. This time they won a gold medal at Junior U26 after defeating Singapore, then at Youngster U21 by beating Japan and on Kids U16. U26 GIRLS Team players: Fortina Mora Sibuea-Villa Rosa, Fransisca Tri Martanti-Monica Ayu Triana, Rachma Shaumi -Roro Joffani Tungga Dewi and NPC Robert Soeseno.

Winner composition

Junior U26 1. China 2. Singapore 3. Indonesia Girls U26 1. Indonesia 2. China 3. China Dragon Sport Youngster U21 1. China 2. Japan 3. Singapore Kids U16 All medals were won by China.

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