Youth Bridge

The NSW Youth Bridge Facebook Group is kept up-to-date. Check there for upcoming events!

If you don’t use facebook, send ✉ an email to subscribe to our mailing list, which sends out 2-3 emails a year listing upcoming youth events.


The NSW Youth Dude is John Newman ✉

Australian Bridge Federation (ABF)

There are plenty of things happening at a National level… check out the ABF youth site. The Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) runs a Youth Bridge Club for under 25 year olds. For all the details ABF Youth Bridge Club.

Sydney University Bridge Club

Games are held regularly at lunchtime at Sydney University. Contact Warren Lazer at ✉ for details. Sydney University Bridge Club Website


All players under 25 at the end of the year irrespective of student status are entitled to a 50% reduction in entry fees. This includes table money at the NSWBA and all NSWBA and ABF Licensed events. Not all congresses reduce their fees for Youth players. Please check with the organisers before assuming there will be a reduction. Youth players interested in attending weekend congresses outside of Sydney are also eligible to apply for a subsidy on their travel, accommodation and entry costs.


If your club is assisting Youth Bridge in any way, please let us know and we will update this website. If you have more information about youth bridge – links, beer card stories, whatever, then email the webmaster at ✉ . Don’t forget to follow us @