Source: ABF October newsletter
9-year-olds, Alexis Wilsmore and Jade Wilkinson, from Canberra, who represented the ACT at the Hobart ANC. Just think how many Youth Teams they can play in before they turn 25!
Many of our young players have parents (and/or grandparents) who play bridge. The exceptions are those who come to bridge in other ways. It is notable that in North-West Tasmania some successful efforts have been made to introduce bridge into local schools. (Click here.) It will be especially rewarding when Tasmania can field a Youth Team for the Interstate Teams at the ANC. Alexis Wilsmore and Jade Wilkinson played for the ACT this year, both aged 9. Typically, both have bridge-playing parents. Bianca and Leigh Gold are the ABF Youth Coordinators, and their son Taydon, also aged 9, played in the VCC, leading to some excellent publicity for the game.
Taydon Gold
Taydon Gold
Taydon Gold, whose parents Leigh and Bianca Gold are the ABF Youth Coordinators, is also 9 years old. He played in the VCC in Melbourne in June, and featured in an article in The Age-. Also Read: Introducing Tuana Altun (TUR) by Fernando Lema

Just a Child by Süleyman Kolata (TUR)

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