Source: ABF June Newsletter


With face to face bridge on a hiatus and the ANC cancelled, youth nights have migrated online. Over the last 2 months I have seen junior bridge nights and Pro-am’s being played on BBO and a good time had by many. What has been lacking is something big and meaningful, an event to look forward to, where there are prizes, masterpoints and a trophy to win. After talking with our junior player base and looking at the WBF model for their online championships, we are pleased to announce the Australian Online Youth Tournament or AOYT. Details are being sent out to all state associations in the next few days but here is a snippet of what to expect. It is state based. Rules on who you can play for are the same as the ANC. It can be your home state or where you are currently living now. One Team per state. All systems can be played except Yellow systems. If you are unsure of what colour your system is, all the information is here:
System Cards
The event will run between June 26th and July 26th. It will be a double round robin. Non-playing captains will organise the scheduling of matches with opposing team. The first round robin must be completed by July 10th. There will be a 48 board Final played in 12 board segments. This can be played over one or two sittings. Entries close 22nd June. And lastly it is FREE. There will either be 10 or 12 matches per team (depending on entry numbers) and each qualifying match will be 16 boards. So what do you get if you play and play well? Firstly the event is a red point event, and you will get points for every win. For those making the finals the rewards get even better – book prizes for everyone in the finals, as well as ABF medallions. For the winners, you will get a game (one session) with an Australian top player. You may even get someone who’s playing on the Australian Open team. So start getting excited, and organise a partner. More details will be posted in coming weeks by the ABF and your state association.

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