Source: Rana No September 23, 2019
Thea Indrebø, Ida M. Øberg, Agnethe Kjensli & Sofie Sjødal and Kurt Ove Thomassen from Helgeland junior bridge club.

The Champions are coming to the bridge club’s junior camp in March.

During the NM event at Storefjell, last weekend, the news was that Helgeland Juniorbridgeklubb (HJBK) has entered into an agreement with Norway’s newly baked world champions released. This means that Thea L. Indrebø (gold in Girls U26 pairs and team), Ida M. Øberg (Gold in girls U26 pairs and teams), Sofie Sjødal (gold in girls U26 teams, and silver in U26 pairs) and Agnethe H. Kjensli (gold in girls U26 teams and silver in U26 pairs) will come to Lovund in March, and will be part of the event staff during the camp. – This will be a unique opportunity for children and young people to have meetings and learn from the world’s best young people, says Kurt-Ove Thomassen, head of Helgeland junior bridges club. It was in August that the girls participated in the World Youth Bridge World Championships, which was organized by the WBF in Croatia. The girls won in both pairs and teams. – These girls are the best ambassadors for our sport, says Thomassen. – They are at a sporting high level, and they are passionate about recruiting. Two of the girls participated in the bridge teacher training program, which was held in 2018, and are now returning to the region to contribute in connection with the large recruitment project under the auspices of the Helgeland bridge, which is soon entering its third year. The children at the schools in Lurøy municipality will get to meet the girls. On Thursday and Friday this week, the Lurøy students will receive bridge courses during school hours, and this will be followed up with further courses over the Internet. – The girls are in charge of the internet course, so here the kids will receive training from the best in the game. The use of the internet at this stage is very beneficial, especially for pupils in areas of relatively dispersed settlement. The plan is to execute the training online, and follow up with further “live” play, explains Thomassen. The girls have not been to the Helgeland coast before, and they look forward to meeting the children’s and youth bridge community at Helgeland. They already know the recruitment work being done at Helgeland, and they participate in local projects that follow Helgeland’s model. The winter bridge-camp is a gathering point for all bridge-interested children and young people from all over Helgeland. Participation requires no prior knowledge other than that the children participated in the school course. There are courses and competitions that are adapted to the level of participants. This time there will be three different classes level. Kurt Ove Thomassen says that the junior project needs a huge financial boost, but we are determined that this is what it takes to get the desired effect. – We want to fill a void when it comes to leisure services for children and youth, while seeking long-term, sporting results. The most important thing now is to get started with education and offer it in all municipalities at Helgeland. Over 3500 young people will attend courses, and we will build up an offer for them. Another important thing is the free principle we work for; we work towards social inclusion and all our activities are free of charge. There are far too many children who cannot attend leisure activities because of the family’s finances, and we will provide an offer where this money is not essential for participation. This poses even greater challenges connection with getting enough funds in place, but we think it’s a principle that potential sponsors like. It’s also fun to see that mind sports, e-sports and other non-physical competition activities are in the wind. Looks like everybody’ve got the acknowledgment that brain training is important, after all, it is the body’s main center. – What happens within the bridge at Helgeland is not closely followed by the bridge community only in Norway, but also by the foreign bridge associations, says Thomassen He says that they have a very good cooperation with NBF (Norwegian Bridges Association) and that they have several exciting projects in progress. – We will be bringing more big news soon, but now we will enjoy the agreement we have got in place with the world champions. Helgeland junior bridges club was founded in 2018 and today has branches in Sømna, Alstahaug, Leirfjord, Websn, Hemnes, Nesna, Lurøy and Rana. During 2020, there will be departments in all Helgeland municipalities. HJBK – and NBF Helgeland will ensure that about 3500 children receive bridge training at school. HJBK – Works for the unification of Helgeland as a region, and to counteract the denegative flows that exist in the region.

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