From the book by Marty Bergen (1985), Better Bidding with Bergen — Volume One, Uncontested Auctions. 4club suit says let’s play in a Part Score 4club suit or 4Diamond Suit 4Diamond Suit is asking opener to bid a singleton: responses are 4Heart Suit= Heart Suit singleton, 4Spade Suit= Spade Suitsingleton, 4NT=minor suit singleton, and 5club suit no singleton. Depending on the location of the singleton and your hand, responder is usually interested in playing in a game, 5club suit or 5Diamond Suitor a slam, 6club suit or 6Diamond Suit. Example: Responder has:  Spade SuitA K Q x Heart Suitx x Diamond SuitA K Q x club suit x x x With a heart singleton, you want to play in 6club suit otherwise you would bid 5club suit. 4Heart Suit and 4Spade Suitare signoffs in responders long suit. Opener must pass. 4NT is invitational to slam, asking opener to bid a minor suit slam with an extra trick. Example: Responder has like Spade SuitQ x x Heart Suitx x Diamond Suitx club suit A K Q J x x x 5club suit asks opener to play in a game, either 5club suit or 5Diamond Suit. 5Diamond Suit is a signoff by responder, responder knows that the opener has long diamonds and wants to play game from his side. 6club suit is to play slam in 6club suit or 6Diamond Suit, opener is to pick the suit. Again, a bid of 6Diamond Suit by responder is to play slam in diamonds, responder knows that it is the long suit.

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