Source: Kingman Daily Miner – 23 Ene 1976

Lead: club suitJ Once in a while some nasty opponent interferes with your Blackwood call by bidding over it. There are lots of ways to handle this sort of Interference. The one we like to use is to double to show no aces, pass to show one ace and bid to show more. What do you do if your opponent interferes at such a high level that you have to bid seven if you bid at all? In this case you simply double to say: “Partner, I don’t think we can make seven”. Pass to say: “Partner, I think we can make seven.” Of course, if you are sure you can make seven you go ahead and bid it. West’s three-club bid was one of those non-vulnerable bids that some players try on occasion. North’s Blackwood four notrump was a slight overbid, but he liked his distribution. East’s seven-club call put a lot of pressure on South but South was ready. South studied his hand carefully. His heart suit was good. He had both minor suit aces and the queen of spades. It was just unthinkable for North to be Blackwooding without ace-king of spades and ace of hearts so South bid the lay down grand slam.

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