Source: BridgeWinners
Keep Bridge Alive: PRO/AM tournament
Some of you may know that last week we hosted a Keep Bridge Alive Pro-Am Tournament in London where we revealed the new KBA project name. The Pro-Am had two aims – one was to fundraise for the research we’re doing and the other was to raise the profile of bridge. Keep Bridge Alive has been our fundraising name for the last year, but moving forward in terms of promoting the game beyond the bridge community, we will be using our new name: Bridge: A MindSport for All (Connects People, Challenges Minds). The new name, BAMSA, will cover research, policy and practice initiatives from the project whilst also promoting bridge as a mind-sport. Feedback from non-bridge players suggests that it is an intriguing name because many of them have never heard of mind-sports. The key goals of the BAMSA project, Bridge: A MindSport for All, are to work in collaboration with bridge organisations to use research to transform the image of bridge, to increase participation across all ages and to enhance the sustainability of the mind-sport. In case of interest the results, event bulletin and some photos can be found here: Also a special thank you to Mike Lawrence, Jenny Wolpert, Adam Grossack, Adam Wildavsky, Joel Wooldridge and Kit Woolsey who kindly contributed the commentary for the hands – the booklet with their analysis can also be found on the event website. Thanks to all those who supported the KBA/BAMSA Pro-Am event.
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