Bridge for juniors since October 21 or why I really want my daughter to play bridge

Yesterday Ingrid (Rikky) Orlova attended the first lesson of the SATELLITE bridge school, and I’m just happy. When I say that the bridge is half my life, I am not exaggerating. Because: 1️⃣ I found half of my closest friends among the bridgers 2️⃣ Half My Travels – Bridge Tournaments 3️⃣ Well, “my half” is also a bridge player From the third year at the St. Petersburg State University, I fell into bridge with my head, but that did not stop me from getting an average score of 4.75, making a career and getting married. Bridge does not interfere with life, on the contrary! It inspires. Bridge is the most interesting hobby I met, and I tried a lot. There are puzzles and challenges, these are achievements on the world stage and just pleasant evenings. In bridge, dreams are born and achieved. ❗️❗️❗️ Starting October 21, the FREE Junior Group starts. Classes are held every Tuesday at Tverskaya 15 and begin at 17:30. They are led by Andrei Shudnev, a former player of the Russian national team, and now a kind and slightly ironic coach. Under his guidance, your child will learn to play well, easily and unconventionally. Come! The Russian team is waiting for your offspring! Details by phone +7 999 81 000 81

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