The Sumter Daily Item – 4 Dic 1970 Both vulnerable Opening lead—Diamond Suit5 In the JACOBY MODERN version of Shakespeare, we find that Romeo and Juliet had met at a bridge club. Juliet had persuaded her parents to play in a Swiss team game with them. Her father had argued that no Montague could play bridge but Juliet’s tears had prevailed and good fortune had attended the new team. As you know, in a Swiss team you play a series of short matches at IMP scoring. The Capulets, plus one Montague, needed one more win to finish first. They finished the match and started to compare scores. Coming to the last board, they trailed by eight IMPs. Old man Capulet remarked, “We’re plus 100 but it won’t do us any good. The best you can get is plus 140 with your cards and that will just give us six IMPs. ” Juliet smiled demurely and said, “Plus 620. Romeo bid and made four hearts.” “Wonderful,” said the old man. “Did West lead his singleton diamond against you? That’s what I led.” “As a matter of fact, he did,” replied Romeo. “What’s more, Juliet looked surprised at my first two plays. I went up with dummy’s king of diamonds and discarded my ace of diamonds on her ace of clubs.” “A play worthy of a Capulet,” was the old man’s response. “Since Juliet wants to marry you, you have my blessing, provided, of course, that you will play with us in the National Mixed team championships this summer.” Romeo’s ace discard prevented East from giving his partner a diamond ruff.