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Blackwood Convention

Source: ACBL Whole books have been written on the topicof ace-asking conventions, so the discussion of  Easley Blackwood’s concept in this column will be brief...

Against Stolen Bids By Mel Colchamiro

Source: Against Stolen Bids Mel Colchamiro: ACBL Bulletin, Dec 2008 – Apr 2009 Mirror, mirror on the wall … … Who is the fairest one of all?...

Conventions: Bourke Relay

Source: ABF youth bulletins Take a look at this problem: Jumping to 3NT may be your first instinct, but this is a bit premature. Imagine if partner has...

Conventions: OBAR BIDS

Source:  OBAR BIDS – Acronym for Opponents Bid And Raise – Balance In Direct Seat.  Popularized by Larry Cohen in “To Bid Or Not To Bid:...