Source: AUSTRALIAN YOUTH BRIDGE BULLETIN JUNE – JULY – AUGUST 2015 Spade Suit Heart Suit Diamond Suit club suit EXTENSION TO YOUR STRONG 2club suit – KOKISH RELAY If you don’t play the Kokish Relay yet, it is a very useful add-on tool for your strong 2club suitopening at little cost. Here is the gist of it:
2club suit Pass 2Diamond Suit*(*Assuming 2Diamond Suit = Waiting) Pass
2Heart Suit Kokish Relay, multi meaning. A puppet to 2Spade Suit so opener can clarify
2NT 22-23 balanced (Assuming a 2NT opening shows 20-21 balanced)
Other As per normal
After 2club suit-2Diamond Suit-2Heart Suit-2Spade Suit (2Spade Suit is forced):
2club suit Pass 2Diamond Suit* (*Assuming 2Diamond Suit = Waiting) Pass
2Heart Suit Pass 2Spade Suit Pass
2NT (24)25+ balanced
3club suit 5+Heart Suit 4+club suit
3Diamond Suit 5+club suitHeart Suit 4+Diamond Suit
3Heart Suit 6+Heart Suit (single suited hand)
3Spade Suit 5+Heart Suit 4Spade Suit
The advantage here is that opener is able to show a 25+ balanced hand. Rebidding 2Heart Suitshows either a big balanced hand, or a strong hand with natural hearts. As the 2Heart Suit bid is a puppet to 2Spade Suit, responder is forced to bid 2Spade Suit so opener can clarify his true intentions. If you want to get complicated, one slight improvement is to play Transfer Kokish Relay. That is, after 2club suit-2Diamond Suit-2Heart Suit-2Spade Suit, 3club suit+ bids are transfers. So 3club suitwould show 5+Heart Suit 4+Diamond Suit, 3Diamond Suitshows 6+Heart Suit’s, 3Heart Suit shows 5+Heart Suit 4Spade Suit, and 3Spade Suit shows 5+Heart Suit 4+club suit.