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September 16,  2019 On Monday, 16 September, USA 1 and USA 2 clashed at the BBO VG. The match ended with a clear USA 1 victory (USA 1: 57 – USA 2: 10 IMP).  These are some of the boards that made the difference. Board 18 (RR, Round 6)
USA 2 Fleisher-Martel, (North -South) without interference arrived to a 3NT contract. After receiving a diamond lead, declarer made 5 club tricks, plus two spades and two diamonds. +600. At the other table after Meckstroth 1club suitopening bid, Moss chose to show his four cards heart suit, Rodwell doubled, Lall supported his partner, South doubled and finally North with five heart cards (heart suit10 9 8 7 3) chose to pass. Contract: 2heart suitX. After theheart suit10 lead, the USA 2 declarer only made 3 tricks paying 1100 for his adventure and losing 11 IMPs. Board 20 (RR, Round 6)
USA 2 arrived to the 4spade suitcontract. Lead: heart suit6. Lall won the first trick with his heart suitQ, continued with a diamond to dummy’s diamond suitA and played a spade. Meckstfoth won the trick with hs king, and returned a diamond, ruffed by his partner. Rodwell left his hand playing hisclub suitK, and now declarer had to lose another spade and a club for one down. At the other table USA 1 also arrived to the same contract but the USA 1 declarer played a different line and achieved victory. Levin won the diamond lead in dummy and continued with a heart to his queen. After winning the second trick, he cashed the trump ace and played the spade suit9, Martel won with the king and returned a diamond. His partner ruffed with the queen (a natural trick) to return the club king. Levin won with the ace, and cashed all his spades arriving to this end position:  When he continued with a small club, Fleisher had to win with his queen, but was endplayed. +620 and another 12 IMPs for USA 1. Board 24 (RR, Round 6)
Moss-Lall (USA1) chose to play 3club suit, done +110. At the other table Weinstein-Levin arrived to the diamond game. After Fleisher’s 1club suit opening bid, Levin competed with hearts and Martel showed his spade suit with a cuebid. East doubled North’s 2spade suit, Weinstein invited to game in diamonds and Levin accepted. Levin only lost two aces to add +400 and 11 IMPs. Board 26 (RR, Round 6)
Again Moss-Lall played a club partscore while at the other table Weinstein-Levin arrived to a spade game (declarer only lost 1 club and two diamonds) and 11 IMPs for USA 1.

The match ended USA 1: 57 – USA 2: 10 IMP. 

After this match USA 1 climbed from the 6th to the fourth position:
Final Rankings
# Team VPs
1   ENGLAND 92.37
2   SWEDEN 90.46
3   NORWAY 85.83
4   USA 1 79.63

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