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Master Solver with Tarek Sadek (EGY)

During the 42nd World Bridge Championships, Chennai (INDIA) 2015 Mr. Tarek Sadek (EGY) explained this example.

Cuebidding Slams in Contract Bridge

Source: https://www.bridgehands.com/bridgeblog

No Fit? No Trump!

Source: https://skybridgeclub.com  

How To Bid Strong Semi Balanced Hands

Peter Hollands is a very talented young bridge player who was a grand master at 23 and has represented Australia and Victoria in open...

Count Your Tricks Not Your Points

Source: https://skybridgeclub.com/

Four Of A Major vs 3NT by Andrew Robson

Produced by Conrad Brunner @ConradBrunner

Camrose Best Played Hand by Andrew Robson

Top bridge tips from Andrew Robson. This is the Best Played Hand from Oxford Camrose, played by Derek Patterson of Kent and England. Produced...
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