It is getting close now to the exciting free launch of the World Online Championship on 12th December – the Great World Bridge Day, and we would really appreciate it if you could do all you can help with the publicity. The players will be able to play FREE at ! (note: the website shows the time as Central European Time),

The launch day is free and that it is open to everyone – all players at all levels ! It would be great if they all came and joined in on 12th December to make it a really successful, fun tournament. It will be a matchpointed tournament of 20 boards to be played at at any time on Thursday 12th December (Central European Time)

And – just for all you IBPA members out there – there are special prizes for play in online events: Best Declarer Play, Best Defence and Best Bid hand so just get players to report a hand to you, write it up and submit it to the Editor of the IPBA Bulletin at:

More information is on the WBF website at

Anna Gudge

WBF Communications Manager

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