Source: DBF

Photos Courtesy: Charlotte Brandgaard

Christian Lahrmann has won the DM for juniors two years in a row – with two different partners. Last year, 16-year-old Christian Lahrmann grabbed the title with Søren Bune, while the victory this year came in with Andreas Plejdrup. This year’s Søren Bune, played with Søren Caspersen and was number three. Between the two half-defending champions Daniel Brandgaard-Silas Weber wedged himself. The champion pair finished with a score of 104. Brandgaard-Weber scored 87, while 69 was enough for third place for Bune-Caspersen. The new Danish champions had difficulty getting the score from the start and were only number four after the first day. But two solid sections this Sunday were enough to take the title. See all the results of the Danish Championship Click here.

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