March 29 2019
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The Final: Israel & Denmark 

Denmark Christian Lahrmann, Søren Bune, Andreas Plejdrup, Emil Buus Thomsen & NPC Claus Lund Israel Aviv Zietak, Nir Khutorsky, Amir Ezion, Lior Urman, Gal Matatyahou, Yontan Sliwowicz & NPC Ram Blass
The First Set: After the first four boards, Denmark was the only that was able to generate some IMPs, only 3, board 5 showed different bidding methods:  Board 5 Andreas Plejdrup (DNM) pass, and Lior Urman (ISR) opened with 2Diamond Suitshowing majors. Christian Lahrmann’s (DEN) 2NT was natural, and Amir Ezion (ISR) chose spades. North asked his partner to chose a minor and South closed the diamond game. Declarer ruffed the spade suitA lead, and only lost the club ace and the trump king, making his contract for +600. At the other table North didn’t open his hand and South opened 1NT, West’s 2Diamond Suit showed a major, North presented his diamonds, and Søren Bune (DEN) said 4heart suitPass o correct. Aviv Zietak (ISR) doubled, West correct to spades and North insisted with clubs, to make his partner chose a minor. As E/W were not vulnerable East decided to defend with 5spade suitthat were doubled by South. Declarer only lost 5 tricks, three down = -500 and another 3 IMPs for Denmark. Next board was the first double digit swing, when Israel made a spade game while Denmark chose to play the spade slam (impossible to make) and was one down. The match now was Israel 13 – Denmark 6. Board 13 saw change of leader.  Board 13 After Andreas Plejdrup (DEN) 1NT opening bid, Lior Urman (ISR) showed a major and Christian Lahrmann (DEN) closed the NT game. Urman led the heart queen, declarer won with the king, and played a club. Ezion (ISR) played low and declarer won the trick…no more time to lose…Lahrmann played all the diamonds, and East had a lot of uncomfortable discards finally he decided to stay with: spade suitQX, heart suitAJxx and club suitJ so declarer played his high spades and claimed his contract when the queen spade fall. At the other table the same contract was played, this time hearts were mentioned during the bidding, declarer was South…and ended three down. The first 14 boards ended:

Denmark 31 – Israel 22

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