Source:  The Junior Camrose and Peggy Bayer competitions took place at the weekend in Dublin and England ran away comfortable winners in both events. In the Junior Camrose, the U26 team started off with a loss to Scotland, but recovered quickly and ended up winning with a match to spare, ahead of Scotland and Ireland. This win makes it five in a row for England, and for Shivam Shah. The U21 Peggy Bayer team showed little mercy in reclaiming the trophy from Ireland, with every result going near maximum and ending up with 177.79 out of a possible 180 VPs from the weekend. More than 100 VPs behind them, the fight for second place was more competitive with the CBAI team edging out the Ireland team. Under 26 team: Toby Nonnenmacher & Kyle Lam; Oliver Powell & Jon Derrick; Shivam Shah & Yvonne Wiseman; NPC: Simon Cope; Asst NPC Harry AnoyrkatisCamrose 2017 U26 England Under 21 team: Ben Norton & Sam Behrens; Jonathan Clark & Kripa Panchagnula; Liam Sanderson & Daniel Winter; NPC: Michael Byrne Cam 2017 U21Junior camrose 2017