Eugene Register-Guard – 11 Ago 1975 By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Experts Fall from Grace When the Day of Judgment comes, bridge columnists will have a lot to answer for. We have somehow given the impression that bridge experts never make mistakes. South was an expert of international fame. When he opens his mouth to speak, let no dog bark. Opening lead: Diamond SuitK Our hero ruffed the second diamond, drew three rounds of trumps and led a club. East won with the queen of clubs and led another diamond, forcing South to ruff with his next to last trump. South led another club, and East shrewdly let dummy’s king of clubs win the trick. South had to use his last trump to reach his hand. But since the ace of clubs was still out, South wasn’t any better off in his hand than the dummy. He won only six trump tricks, one spade and one club. Tell the truth, now: you’d have made four hearts if you’d been South. Of course you would; it’s as easy as falling downstairs. Ruff the second diamond and lead clubs immediately. That’s right. Don’t bother to draw the trumps first. If any wiseacre refuses a club trick, you won’t be stuck in dummy. You’ll get back to your hand with a trump. After all, that’s just why you leave the trumps there in the dummy.