Source: Adventure in Card Play

Dealer North. Both Vul

A 7
K Q J 10 6
K 4 2
6 4 3
Q 10 8 5 2
A 9 7 5 4

J 10 8
9 6 4 3
8 2
J 10 8 6
Q 9 5
A Q 9 7 5 3
A K 7 2

West leads the J against your contract of 6.

Clearly you can deal with four trumps on your right provided that you play the king of diamonds on the first round. Then you can pick up the trumps by finessing twice against East. But that is not enough to bring home the slam, for you also need discards on the hearts. If you lead a diamond at trick two, you will go down.

First you must lead the heart to set up your trump substitutes. Win the club return and lead the five of diamonds to the king, and when the bad break comes to light, you are in a position to use the heart winners to force East`s trumps. East will ruff the third heart high to stop you discarding your last cub loser, but you over ruff,play a spade to the ace, and lead another heart.

Again East must ruff, and after over ruffing and drawing his last trump, you can enter dummy with the four of diamonds to take your discar o the last heart.

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