Source: Wimbledon Bridge Club Please congratulate our Winners and Runners up from our Summer 2017 Junior Bridge session! We will be running Sunday afternoon sessions from 4-6 for those who can play minibridge up to Christmas except for Sunday 29th October when the club has its Charity Pairs event.  Please sign up for the upcoming sessions below so we can make sure we have enough volunteers on hand. For beginners we will be running an introduction to minibridge session approximately monthly.  The first will be on Sunday 22nd October.  This will cover all you need to know to join the regular sessions. Please sign up for this below. From 5th November until 10th December we will be running a 6 week course to teach basic bidding.  The system we will be teaching is ‘five card majors’.  We have chosen this system rather than “ACOL” which is currently the most popular system played in the UK because it is the version that is most commonly played online and generally children who get hooked on bridge end up playing much of their bridge online.  We will only be able to cater for two tables in the bidding course and if this is oversubscribed we will allocate places based on those who have demonstrated they have mastered the basics of card play in the minibridge sessions up to half term.  We will run a mini-bridge session alongside the bidding course for those who are unready or unable to commit to learning the bidding which ideally will require attendance every week. Please register an interest in taking this course below. If you have any questions please email:

or fill in the form Click Here