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Welcome to your very first video in the Bridge BFF series, an introduction to the card game bridge!
Have you always wanted to learn how to play bridge? Do you want to be like bridge experts Bill Gates and Warren Buffett?
We introduce bridge in TEN easy videos perfect for beginners and all levels, covering set-up and rules, and scoring. The game has multiple parts and we teach you all of them:
Set-up [tutorial 1-2]
Bidding [tutorial 6-9]
Playing [tutorial 3-5]
Scoring [tutorial 10]
Even though bidding comes first in the order of the game, we teach playing first, because that makes it easier to understand bidding.
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ABOUT BBFF Bridge (Best) Friend Forever is a channel dedicated to teaching you the card game bridge in a light-hearted and simple way. How to Play the Card Game Bridge | BBFF
Created by: Elena Grewal

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