The Polish U16 and U13 teams in the sports bridge have , in which we would like to be able to compete under normal conditions for the medals of the World and European championships. For now, we are left with running control games (and winning) on the Internet with the best (except us) in the world 🙂 Bridge players from the Polish U16 national team had an intense weekend, playing three international matches through BBO. ♠  on Friday, 20 hands with Russia (with two current world runners-up) +21 imp ♥  Saturday, 16 hands against Israel (current European Team Champion) + 29 imp ♦  16 hands against Israel on Sunday (rematch) + 2 imp ♣  on the following weekends, the U16 and U13 teams will compete with the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece (aggregate match), Taiwan (aggregate match), and more control games are being prepared. So far they showed themselves well in the first tests: ♠  Aleks Bukat + Jan Trojak (3 matches) ♥  Jakub Gawron + Jakub Marekwica (2 matches) ♦  Kacper Kuflowski – Franciszek Kurlit (1 match) ♣  More players will get a chance soon!