1977 BERMUDA BOWL WORLD BRIDGE CHAMPIONSHIP MANILA, OCTOBER 20-28, 1977 October 26, 1977 BY HENRY G. FRANCIS IF YOU” RE NOT SURE. BID ONE MORE It doesn”t always work, but a good rule of thumb is to bid one more, when you” re not sure whose hand it is. Sometimes you” ll sustain a small loss at both tables, sometimes you will find a good saver, and once in a while you will be on the Plus side of a double game swing. Argentina picked up 16 IMPs, on such a hand against USA. Dealer North N/S Vul
Q J 8 6 8 6 3 9 6 5 4 J 3
10 K Q 10 9 7 4 2 A K J 3 4 9 5 4 2 5 Q 10 8 2 K 10 7 2
A K 7 3 A J 7 A Q 9 8 6 5
West North East South
Scanavino Soloway Cabanne Swanson
1 Pass 1 Dbl
3 Pass 3NT Pass
4 Pass Pass Dbl
Pass Pass Pass
It” s not at all surprising that both Scanavino and Wolff insisted on playing 4. It was natural for Scanavino to push to the game when he received a response from his partner…7-4-1-1 distributions often take lots of tricks. And Wolff, looking at a singleton Spade, wanted to make it as difficult as possible for his opponents to bid. Swanson was looking at a nice hand the best at the table when he made his 2 overcall. It looked as if he had at least four tricks against the heart game, he didn”t know about the spade fit, so he doubled, only to regret it when all he could collect were his three aces.
At the other table; Attaguile, on the other hand, wasn”t at all certain that his partner could set 4Wolff, on the bidding and the vulnerability, had to have a highly distributional hand. Attaguile was reasonably sure Santamarina had a spade fit with him, plus lots of high cards, so he figured he couldn”t be badly hurt at a spade game. So he bid it!
West North East South
Wolff Attaguile Hamman Santamarina
1 Pass Pass Dbl
4 Pass Pass Pass
Pass 4 Pass Pass
Dbl Pass Pass Pass