Source: English Bridge Union’s Blog Bridge is a complex game: players don’t know their partner’s hand nor their opponents’, and are left to deduce this information from the bidding, lead, the defender’s or declarer’s play.
Camille Sauvain
Camille Sauvain is a PhD student in Cognitive Sciences working with NukkAI (a start-up in Artificial Intelligence and a French Laboratory in Cognitive Science (LSCP)). They are investigating the theory that a bridge player may also further narrow (or expand) possible holdings attributing individual characteristics to their partner/opponents based on psychological information such as their “style”, “profile”, or personality. The goal of the study is to elicit different styles of play driving players’ decisions. The study is attempting to create a typology of bridge players (similar to the personality studies created in psychology, for example Myers-Briggs’ MBTI). This beautiful project puts the spotlight on bridge and engages the bridge community for science.

Would you like to help?

You can participate in the study by visiting their website The study comprises 50 bridge bidding decisions and 50 questions about your experience at the table. It will last approximately 15 minutes. If you complete the questionnaire, you will be able to compare your results to well known bridge players Brad Moss, Anna Gulevich, Mikael Rimstedt, Sabine Auken and Nevena Senior who have previously completed the study and agreed to share their answers.