Source: Israeli Bridge Association FB Wall Today (Wednesday) the school championship was held at the association house in Ra’anana. As you know, the competition is evidence of the Israeli bridge association’s major investment in promoting a new generation to the industry, already within the schools. The players played in the “beginner bridge” (first year students) and “advanced bridge” (second year students and above) categories according to their level. This is the place to note the students who behaved in an exemplary manner and were given a challenging and fun experience, just before the big vacation during which the “Big Vacation Championship” will be held in July, and the summer camp for young people in August. We thank the children’s teachers who accompanied their students to the event and assisted in its management – Shlomi Levy, Arana Gal, Mati Bobrov, Razi Shoshani, and Vanit Evron. Thanks also to the teaching assistants and the parents who helped – Danny, Poldi, Bini and Sharon.

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