Source: The Israeli Bridge Association FB Wall A 3-day training camp for young people named after the late David Birman ended today (Tuesday) at the Givat Habiva center. The camp led by Eldad Ginossar (coach of the under-21 and under-26 national teams) and Ami Zamir (coach of the under-16 national team) brought together 4 teams in total (including the under-31 team) for the 18th World Youth Teams Championship to be held next month in the Netherlands. The national teams were invited to the camp for practice matches against rival teams, which included senior players from the top of bridge in Israel and were intended to provide optimal preparation for the national teams for the important international stage. At the end of the training games, a joint professional analysis was held, and at the end there was even a moving ceremony in memory of the former coach of the national teams, the late David Birman. In addition, during the three days of the camp, the trainees enjoyed a variety of activities that included frisbee, kickboxing, yoga and meditation classes, as well as a mental training seminar led by sports psychologist Hila Harel, during which the trainees learned about mental resilience, managing emotions and thoughts, dealing with stressful situations and personal empowerment . On this occasion, we would like to thank all the partners in the organization of the camp – the management of the Israeli bridge association that worked a lot for the success of the camp, the “Eilat” association for the financial assistance, the team captains – David Hochma (up to the age of 16), Danny Lonstein (up to the age of 21), Uri Asraf (up to the age of 26) Varon Pachtman (up to the age of 31). Now the representatives of the national teams go to the world championship under the slogan “Never Surrender”, with the stated goal of representing the country faithfully in the most prestigious bridge event in the world. Nehterlands – we are coming.  

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